Ayrshire, Scotland: the place where cars roll uphill explained. It is an illusion!

Given the fact that the surrounding area makes you feel that a peak of the road is, in fact, a lower part of that road, people have seen strange phenomena happening: bicycles and cars rolling uphill. Ayrshire, Scotland is such a place among many others in the world. When an expert was called in to check what happens he could verify that the area that was sees as higher on the road, was in fact lower, but people couldn’t still be convinced.

Only when a psychologist was called in and when a comparison with the line of the horizon was made, only then were people able to see the minute deviation that was happening. An illusion was created due to the way the hills are inclined i there and thus people thought that the peak of the hill was the bottom of it, when, in fact, it was the other way around.

A study like this has been done in Romania too, and the guys at Geografilia got the same result: illusion. check their study here (Google translate).

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