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Is the FPS dying or evolving? I like it the way it is. Thanks!

Many would say that the FPS genre is falling, but not me. I likes the shooter games since day one and still like them, more than 11 years since I’ve played these games.

I don’t care about the actual action: point-shoot. What I care about are plots, scenery, new bombs and weapons, characters, best damn graphics you can get, use vehicles and open worlds, put me into a new reality and let me fight through it.

FPS are not what they are (great games) because they let us shoot things, but because they let us shoot things with style. There’s not bigger grace then punishing you NPC opponent with a grenade int he face and there is no bigger satisfaction then blowing up whole bases of foreign armies. You can’t beat that.

FPS are mindless guys who like to shoot? Yes, in a certain way. Boys, because they will play mostly these games, are a more violent breed and in the games they can let out a bit of that violence and competitive. Games are fun and FPS especially, won’t go away for a long time.

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