TedEd: how languages evolve

There are thousands of languages today, but it is sure that in the distant past there weren’t all that many. We, humans, animals that could understand the world much better that other beings from this Earth, has only one language to start with, but after we had to travel length distances and see new lands, we build our language around the new place we were in. TedEd explains how languages evolved.

After millenia a common language had many dialects and those dialects grew to become new languages and so on. Linguists have the incredible task of categorizing the languages into families and then to try and identify the original language we all once used.

In trying to determine the original language the linguists discover how people were with millenia before us, how they related to the world, what their culture was. It is truly a remarkable work and a stunning detective feat to gett hat done. Learn more from the video from above.

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