Humans in the new stage: exoplanets hunters

I cannot thank US enough for their space programme. Romania, where I live now, is acting like a credulous servant for the US mainly, but I admire US not for its financial status, or military and so on, but for the fact that US has a ton of programmes for space search, from telescopes, to satellites and to space drones.

Thanks to US, we, humans, have long entered the era of exoplanet hunters and space dust gatherers. Hank Green, from SciShow, explains what exoplanets are, where they come from and that we are a gazillion of such planets out there.

Is there life in those tens of thousands of Earth-like planets in the Milky Way? Most certainly yes. Intelligent life? Maybe yes, maybe no. Until we will be able to bend space-time the way we want to travel to those distant planets we can only dream of the day when we’ll meet another intelligent being besides us int he Universe.

That day will be a turning point in our history. We were meant to show up on Earth, but we were meant to travel to the stars.

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