Why is BACON so delicious and why is it smelling so good?

Bacon is great and you can even wash yourself in bacon shampoo or buy a bacon perfume. Really! Reactions has created another great chemistry short video in which they explain why bacon is so good and smells also great.

It has to do with the fact that bacon has 150 volatile substances in it, as the guys at Compound Interest have explained. When you put the bacon on fire sugars react with amino-acids in it in a reaction called Maillard reaction, which makes things you cook turn brown.

For bacon the Maillard reaction combines with the fats to create the aroma compounds such as hydrocarbons (carbon+hydrogen) and aldehydes (carbon+oxygen+hydrogen), which make about 75% of the mass in there. There are also substances that contain nitrogen like piridines (meaty aroma) and pyrazines that make, alongside with hydrocrabons and aldehydes, an incredible good smelling bacon.

Check an infographic made by Compound interest in regards to the compounds founds in bacon :

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