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ARS Technica: FTC smoked PCCare247, an Indian company meant to rip off Americans

Beware of Indian scammers. The FTC smoked PCCare247 for scamming many Americans that were lied to in regards to the actual issues their computers were having.

Basically, if someone would have any issue with the computer they would go to the internet, type in “computer issues”, “tech support” and so on and PCCare247 would pop up at the top of the list, even if someone woudl search for “norton tech support” or the like.

Then, people would call these scammers, allows them to enter the computer via a remote tool and then also give them the card details. The guys from PCCare247 would then charge them at least once for $360, $300 or $400. In some situations they would charge people several times $150.

After a lot of complaints the FTC started an investigation and now any money going to PCCare247 will be blocked. Even the Indians that were living in US and were using a ton of Paypal accounts to help the scammers were blocked from using those accounts.

A short piece of advice:
1. if you have a tech support issue and the guy from the other side has a strong accent, then hang up. Use an American company that does not outsource work
2. read out loud advice #1

So, why this advice given the fact I work as an outsourced tech support (I live in Easters Europe, Romania btw) for an American company? If many will refuse working with outsourcees, then the companies will make sure to hire the best guys for the best job so that you won’t get a canned reply that doesn’t have anything to do with your issue or that you won’t get scammed.

Companies outsource support because supports costs software companies more than 80% of their spending so that makes sense from a financial standpoint. But, on the other hand, if you pay cheap, you get cheap.

Getting back to hearing a strong accent when you have a tech support issue, make sure to call someone local. (Yes, I don’t much care about political correctness here so don’t yet jump at me that I’m xenophobic. I’ll have a later post about political correctness coming. Hold your horses.)

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