What is entropy?

Entropy is a measure of the order of the universe. The less entropy we see, the more ordered a system is. The things change from an ordered state, meaning with less entropy, to a unordered state, meaning with more entropy. Things will degrade over time, but the laws of physics allow a thing to go from unordered to ordered state. Like,for example, when you break a glass. The laws of physics would allow us to create a system in which that broken glass goes through a travel back in time and then gets rebuilt the way it was.

Well, although mathematically some laws of physics allow certain situations to occur, that does not mean that we’ll be able to reverse some actions. For now, we can’t make time g backwards.

Entropy is a measure or unorderness and also has its own formulae. We owe entropy a great deal as due to its existence we see that the time flows.

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