Vsauce: we don’t we all have cancer?

Yeah, why? I always asked me that question. No, I didn’t, but Vsauce did and also answered to it too. While our cells would be happy to divide like crazy and make us a big clump of cancer blob, we actually have mechanisms that check is the cells are nor developing as they shouldl and then it kills them.

About 1 million cells die every second in out body, but we have more than 10 trillion cells in us the dead cells are constantly replace with new ones so don’t be scared. Vsauce did a great research on cell death and we now know that 5.5 grams of our skin dies every week as we are literally covered with dead skin cells (the epidermis, which is about 1mm thick). 80% of the dust you see floating in your house is dead human skin.

Find out more int he video from above.

Also, if BRCA1 gene mutates in our body then cancer shows up. BRCA1 is meant to regulate the speed at which cells divide and, if it does not work well, then we can be the victims of cancer. That gene have many variants and not are created equal. Some BRCA1 genes might work better against cancer, some not. Check the video from below for more info:

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