Word Lens, the Android (iOS) app you HAVE to have when travelling

I know I heard about World Lens before… and then totally forgot about it. Just like that. Then Adrian Gwerder wrote about it and i had to install it. As I use an Android phone (the THL T100S, chinese phone, but a great one too) I went to Google Play and got me the app.

It is damn easy to use: simply start the app, point it to a well lit image with text in a foreign language in it and then it will translate instantly. Easy as cake. Almost like a scifi movie become true.

Trust me, I don’t often say that a scifi movie has come true. I remember those days when playing 9 bit video games was darn exciting and seeing Mario or The Persian Price fighting in there. Seeing Word Lens in action is cool to say the least.

Try. It. NOW!

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