The true story behind the measles virus that killed cancer in ONE pacient

Like what you heard above? Well you did. Many believe that the woman that has the cancer killed by that virus received a measles vaccine that was very potent. Wrong. The scientists used a measles virus, modified it genetically and then infused a high dose or the actual virus in that woman. After a short time the cancer died out, only for some of it to return later.

Remember: one successful case does not mean that we have a cure. Another woman received a similar treatment, but the cancer was not destroyed. It turns out that finding a general cure is a long way and it all depends on on various factors like: DNA of the pacient, past history, the type of cancer, stage of cancer.

According to IFL Science (original source Cancer Research UK) you also need to match the type of virus to the type of the cancer cells. This was a success, but only one and actual treatments are years away. Although the woman was saved from her cancer, this test as only a proof of concept.

We hope to see some more research put into this and then an actual cure for cancer. for now, we still learn how to use viruses to kill of some types of cancer. So, nope, we don’t yet have a cure for cancer.

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