Nick Lucid, from Science Asylum, explains: how science works

Nick Lucid, @nicklucid, explains in plain words and int he easiest way possible how does science work. there are only a few steps to remember and this way you will better understand the difference between hypothesis and theory and the importance or experiments and peer reviews.

So, the scientific method has these steps:
– make an observation
– create a hypothesis and then continue to next step
– test by making a prediction, do some experiments that prove/disprove the prediction
– if the prediction is proved then go through peer reviews and wait for many repeat experiments to prove that prediction
– only after many experiments and when we’re 99.9% sure that the predictions match the observation then we call it a THEORY

With no peer review, the hypothesis is not taken into account. So, if someone tells you a “scientific fact” ask for studies, ok?

If you like to know more about science, check the video from below about 15 Inaccuracies Found In Common Science Illustrations:

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