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How to find the best LCD gaming monitor?

Tech quickie, while not always definitively correct, has some basics covered and this time we learn about how to find the best LCD monitor to enjoy a good gaming experience.

I sound like a marketer ie a broken freaking record.

In any case, since I’m too lazy to really write down all the details, here are the top 3 things to look for when buying a gaming monitor:
– response time below 2 ms
– refresh rate over 60Hz or even 120Hz or 144 Hz
– input lag/display lag below 10 ms

Well, the ms in there is for millisecond and 2 or 10 of these tiny measurements don’t really count. Refresh rate of 120Hz for gamers?! Hmm, the human eye can see 26fps or at 26Hz so the extra wouldn’t really be needed.

In some situations, when there is some shooting going on and some explosions you may need to have more fps, but not that high. In any case, if you have a video card like Radeon R9 270X(affil link) from AMD you should be fine. Couple that with 8GB or RAM and a quad core or i7 processor and you have a modest to decent gaming PC.

Having issue what monitor to choose? Doesn’t really matter if you get close to the numbers from above. Make sure you have the right video card instead.

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