10 animal myths killed

Earth Unplugged plugged their noses into the animal kingdom and did some research of the most common myths in regards to the animals. You will be a little amazed, but some of the things you knew were true are NOT. Prepare to get your world destroyed, almost 😀

The 10 myths dispelled:
– goldfish have big enough memory, like many animals, not only 3 seconds
– dog years are difficult to calculate so 1 dog year is not like 9 years of humans. Smaller dogs live longer than big dogs
– ostriches don’t put their heads in the sand because of fear. They search for water down there., When they’re afraid they run
– bats are not blind. They can see very well in the dark
– if you chop an earthworm it won’t become two earthworms. The part that does not have the head will die
– camel humps do not contain water, they contain fat and are used as food reserves, not water reserves
– quacks echo
– cats have only one life
– elephants are not scared of mice
– lemmings do not commit suicide

More details can be seen int he video form above.

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