White hot metal in water? Yes. Bonus: why does sodium (Na) explode in water?

ThuderF00t works in the field of chemistry and he has some videos explaining why Periodic Videos got their explanations wrong.

In the video from above you will find out that sodium – Na – does not explode because it becomes too hot, but instead it explodes because of some other, not known reason. When you insert a white hot metal in water it doesn’t happen anything. It simply cools down and that’s it.

Why does Na, sodium, explodes?

Here thunderf00t has a possible explanation in the video description:

…Now the sodium and the hydroxide being next to each other isnt a problem as they attract, but having the cations next to the cations, and the negatively charged hydroxides next to each other will create a force moving these ions apart. This will cause new sodium atoms and water molecules to come to the surface. This is the sort of positive feedback mechanism that you need in order to get and explosion.

What happens if we burn Cesium on a barbecue?

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