Mega-sized sperm cells of 5 centimeters? Yes, nature allows that!

Nature explains why the real nature allows the existence of super-sized sperm cells that can reach up to 5 cm. Human sperm cells are too tiny to be seen by naked eye, but some crustaceans do not hold back on size. Nature: Ostracods are a class of crustacean still around today. They are shrimp-like animals typically around 1 millimetre in length, but their sperm cells are disproportionately long — up to 1 centimetre.

Yep, you’ve read that right. Some animals have the sperm cells longer than their own body. That makes us think more about how puny we are. Sad humans 🙁

Who has those 5 centimeter sperm cells? Drosophila bifurca, with 5.8 cm sperm cells length.

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