Bodies left in bog can exist for millenia almost unscathed

Well, you wouldn’t really call a body “unscathed” as the poor man had to die to leave a body behind. Anyways, if you leave a body in a bog, then, as Hank Green explains, that body will be preserved for millenia with its organs intact.

The acidic medium in a bog or swamp can keep the flesh in place, but it will eat up the bones. The bogs create a medium rich in acid, but poor in oxygen, and thus bacteria won’t be able to decompose the bodies trapped in there. This way, bogs were used even to preserver food for long periods of time, like keeping butter in there for the whole year or things like that.

As a side note, in Easter Europe there is an ancient method of preserving meat: you put it in a jar full of fat. That meat will be preserver much longer than usual.

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