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Sun has a brother in Hercules Constellation, 110 light-years away : HD 162826

HD 162826 is one of the brothers or our Sun, 10% bigger and located at 110 light-years from us in Hercules Constellation. Texas University says that Additionally, there is a chance, “small, but not zero,” Ramirez said, that these solar sibling stars could host planets that harbor life.

What does that mean? It means that, if our Sun has other siblings and all have come from the same nebula, then we have a chance to finally meet other lifeforms since the conditions i which the Sun and its planets formed as almost the same as with Sun’s siblings. Interesting thought and not that scary, given the fact that many exoplanets are in the habitable zone and researchers say that we should expect billions of exoplanets to roam around many stars in Milky Way.

Also, there is a slight chance that Kepler-168f might harbor life and that it might be an issue for us if it may have sentient life forms.

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