How to read science – A Guide

It’s Okay To Be Smart is a YouTube channel that teaches us things that we never knew existed and the explanations are easy to understand. In the video from above Joe Hanson, PhD, explains us how to read and understand science news.

Many newspapers invent incredible titles that are meant to work as clickbait, but they don’t actually deliver the explanations they should and those articles might be outright misleading.

Joe teaches us how to spot fake science articles:
– the headline is a question, uses weird quotes like “explained”
– press releases are not news
– make sure you spot warning words like: link, association, possible, correlation, study suggests, scientists were baffled
– ask yourself if the scientific method has been applied int he news article
– does someone gain any money from that article or that research?
– is the article “churnalism”, an article that is rehashing the press release without any further checks done?
– check if they write about breakthroughs or scary things
– check if there are stereotypes and social constructs – like men are better at logical thinking than women and so on

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