Ancient Egyptians would astonish you with these 10 facts

AllTime 10 has yet another great video in their Top 10 list. Many of the things you will learn from this video will leave you asking why and some will let you say “WOW”. The Egyptians were a bit different than their counterparts in that they used those Pyramids for their kings, the pharaohs, and in that they used balming for dead high ranking officials.

Some of the Egyptian facts you’ll learn about in the video from above:
– the first recorded death sentence was done in Egypt
– Rippers were those who first cut a body during mummification
– Pharaoh Ramesses II got a passport in 1974 and received a king’s welcome while being moved to a Paris Museum
– incest was often in a Pharaoh family and thus Tutankhamun was born with genetic defects because his parents were brothers too

Check more in the video from above.

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