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Check this awesome 3D map of the neural network in the retina

Nature published recently an article form which we find out how Wiring of retina reveals how eyes sense motion. For this they needed the help of many people in order to create a 3D map of the neural network in the retina.

The researchers wanted to find out how the eyes detect movement and thus, with the help of volunteers who played an online brain-mapping game, researchers showed that pairs of neurons positioned along a given direction together cause a third neuron to fire in response to images moving in the same direction.

It seems that the sensation of motion is not totally created in the brain and that the retina has a key role in this too. First, the neurons int he retina fire up along the direction of movement and then the signals are sent to the brain.

One thing to note: …signals that hit two nearby locations on the retina at two slightly different times — as would happen when an object moves across the visual field — could reach the same amacrine-cell filament at the same time. This could explain how the retina detects motion…

More on Nature.

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