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Hugh Herr shows us why bionics saves the day

Hugh Herr is leading the Biomechatronics Lab at MIT and uses some advanced bionic in his legs, mechatronic prosthetics that allow him to live a full life, to jump, run and walk up the stair like anyone else. His legs are an ingenious way in which the human-machine connection leads to incredible flexibility.

Dozens of years he wore simple prosthetics and now his legs have three parts that are pretty well correlated:
– the mechanical part is created to allow his biological legs be firmly connected to the prosthetic
– the electrical part is able to run the motors based on the electrical signals from the brain. Those signals are send via electrodes glued to the biological leg
– the software parts takes note of what happens and guides the motors to work as expected.

You can also dance with such legs. Just check out the end of the video.

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