How do gun silencers or suppressors work?

They are called silencers, but they are actually suppressors. The gun suppressors are used to dim the second sound a gun makes, right after the gun cock hits the bullet cartridge and there is a small explosion in the gun chamber that accelerates the bullet, by trapping some of the expelled air that gets our of the barrel.

A suppressor is basically a barrel with some chambers in it that will trap the air that comes out of the barrel. The actual sound that silenced guns make are in the range of 20 db or whispers. Phew, phew.

The other two sounds a gun makes are:
– first, when the cock of the gun hits the cartridge
– third, when the bullet flies through the air at speed higher than speed of sound. for this they use slower bullets that fly at around 200 m/s and, voila, you got a silenced or, better said, suppressed gun.

Hitman, FTW.


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