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Apple has peaked? No. [infographic]

The guys at Computer Science Degree Hub have created the infographic from below which asks if Apple has peaked in the computer technology market.

My answer would be, NO. Those [Apple] guys really know how to make people feel good when they have an Apple product. Most Apple fan boys from around the world are cocky and are happy to have that product in their hands. Also, the Cult of Apple, as I call it, generates fanaticism in the same way religious fanaticism congregates minds and spirits around an idea, because people are able to even suffer to get their hands on an iPhone.

Take Romania, for example: people have a wage of about $250 each month and an iPhone costs at least $500. They are willing to suffer 3-4 months with almost not enough food to get their hands on those phones. So… yeah, there’s a Cult out there.

Back tho the infographic:
– it seems that Apples market share is getting smaller and smaller. Who cares? Apple’s profit share is what counts. Read more on Forbes
– more developers use the Android platform than the iOS one
– some are saying that the 5 bn HQ is not a good idea or that Apple should sell cheaper phones – both ideas are bad. The HQ is good for image and cheaper phones will destroy the Cult of Apple
– and enterprise – they do a good job in there

More info in the infographic from below. Apple is still kicking, so that you know.


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