Probably the best explanation of what net neutrality is and why we have to defend it

Seriously, guys. I live in Romania, Eastern Europe, but if net neutrality is not applied in US, then we’re all toast. Don’t let those politicians fall into the hands of lobbyists and into the greed of ISPs. Net neutrality means basically to consider a bit as being a bit no matter if it comes from a text file or from a video hosted on YouTube.

Since Netflix and the likes can eat a lot of bandwidth the ISPs want to regulate de speed and access to some websites or to some content so that they can rack up more money from the customers. And believe me, US pays a ton for each megabit.

We, in Romania, have RDS&Rds as ISP, which offers 150 Mbit/s regularly, unlimited bandwidth each month and it costs only about $10/month. Really. While many crybabies would say that we would need such big bandwidth to pirate thing, do not forget that we are big YouTube users and that US users pirate the most so… shut up.

In any case, people, we have to get the word everywhere: net neutrality needs to be defended. CGP Grey explains what net neutrality is and why we don’t want any kind of limitations based on device, content type or website we access. Let ISPs be ISPs, not bullies.

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