Light does not experience time and space

Fraser Cain, from Universe Today, explains a couple of interesting things related to light, the visible spectrum of electromagnetic waves that we experience as colors and brightness.

Light, because it travels at speed c, the light speed, and because there is no possible limit over that, does not experience time and space at all.

If you check the relativity formulae for time dilation and space contraction you will discover that from the time light is created and to the time light is absorbed maybe billions of years later, light does not experience time. Time is zero from when it is created to when it is absorbed.

At light speed space is also infinitely contracted and thus light does not experience space as is travels because for it the distance it travels between two atoms is the same as the distance between galaxies.

Relativity is a strange animal, but Einstein knew it is the way the Universe works and we have proven relativity when using GPS satellites. If you were to travel at half the speed of light you would age 25% less that anyone that stays on Earth. Or, if you travel at speed of sound for one hour you live by 2 nanoseconds longer. Sweet, eh?

Learn also about relativity in GPS systems:

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