Dust is incredibly important! Trust me!

Joe Hanson explains us why dust is an integral part of the Universe and our lives. In the dust of our beds we could find even 10 million dust mites, tiny-tiny (0.3 milimeter) creatures lurking out there like it’s their land. And it is as there are 100–500 animals/g dust. Ooops.

In space a 100 meters cube would still have 20 specs of dust and you can see the dust in the stripe ca goes through the Milky Way. And dust has the elements that can make a star if enough particles have gathered in a certain place.

The Zodiacal Light is also cause by dust in our solar system that remained after the planets were formed. It can be seen in the Western sky after sunset in spring. Another cool fact: a piece of space dust falls on our head once every day and dust from Saharan desert lands on Amazon, flying over the Atlantic Ocean, bringing with it diatom, fossilized skeletons of tiny aquatic creatures.

In 1977 Kansas received 1 million tons of desert dust making its lands some of the most fertile in the region. Who knew dust could be so interesting? Check this out too: pollen, bacteria and dust are the seeds of snowflakes. No snowflake can form if it does not have a particle that would make the water freeze around it.

Also, learn about how snow flakes form:

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