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Colonizing Mars? Hell, yeah!

Fraser Cain explains why it is hard to get to Mars and colonize it. It does not have oxygen, water or anything that would allow us to live there more than 20 seconds before we die asphyxiated or frozen or burns, depending on where you are located on Mars.

Best is to use pods and protected cities at first and then try to create an environment where plants would be able to live and generate oxygen.

Colonizing Mars is hard because:
– Mars does not have a magnetic field – you are at the mercy of radiation form sun and beyond
– temperatures vary greatly and only on Ecuator you get 20 degrees Celsius
– air pressure is very low
– the air contains mostly carbon dioxide and no trace of Oxygen
– gravity is lower in there
– there is almost no liquid water
– the soil does not have enough nutrients for plants to grow in there

So, until our next trip to Mars, we’ll have to settle for the Moon 😀

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