5 ancient animals that aren’t dinosaurs

Up until today I thought that all animals that lives some few million years ago were dinosaurs, but that is nto the case. dinosaur means “terrible lizards” in Greek and we talk about those big creates that have lived on land, but about the other ones?

Hank Green, from SciShow, explains that the creatures that lived here a couple of million years ago were stranger that we’d thought: reptiles that looked like fish, but couldn’t breathe in water, reptiles that gave birth to live young, instead of laying eggs and animals the size or giraffes that could fly. Now, that’s something new.

Some examples of such animals, organized by their evolutionary relationships and not by how they looked. These were not dinosaurs, big lizards that had their legs under them instead of the legs spread our parallel to their thighs:
– Dimetrodon – mammal-like reptile that lives before the dinosaurs, our ancestors
– Pteurosaurs – reptiles that could fly, not dinosaurs. Examples – Pteranodon or Quatzalcuatlus, tall as a giraffe
– Plesiosaurs – aquatic animals and among them is the Pliosaur – they gave birth to live young
– Ichtyosaurs – they lived int he water, but they had to get out of the water to breathe, they also gave birth to live young
– Mosasaurs – in water, their closest descendants today are snakes

It seems that evolution follows a tedious path to… something. Alrighty, then 😀

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