10 interesting facts about Amazon

Amazon is a mutant of the internet and they sell big time. They also do a ton of good things in regards to research to make you buy more. They are clever, they move fast, they might take over the internet in the future, but they also have some secrets.

The guys at AllTime10 have gathered some secrets and among them are these:
– in 2013 they sold t-shirts with : keep calm and rape a lot
– in 2010 they listed a CD for the price of 2 904 980 000 plus shipping :))
– if Amazon is down for 49 minutes, they they lose $5.7 million in sales
– founder Jeff Bezos has the same wage since 1998, $81,840, but his security costs $1.4 million
– a worker at Amazon warehouses can walk up to 11 miles a day and if tracked each and every step

More can be seen in the video above.

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