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How to spot bad science? [infographic]

Big Think is a great place for thinkers. You will find in there articles that teach you how to properly think, about your self and about how your mind works.

They posted recently an infographic about how to spot bad science created by Compound Chem. Here are some rough ideas that you can read in the infographic from below.

When you check is a claim is truly scientific check these things:
– sensationalized headlines – easy cake
– misinterpreted results- if something sounds fishy, check the actual study
– conflict of interests – check a bit the history of the leaders of the study
– correlation does not mean causation
– speculative language used like: may, could, might etc
– sample size is too small – I’ve seen this too often
– unrepresentative samples
– no control group used – where was the science in this?!
– no blind testing used
– cherry-picked results
– unreplicable results
– journals and citations

Check the infographic (PDF) from below for more info:

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