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Bees, best friend of animals and humans

The bees pollinate 70 out of 100 crop types that we use to eat. Also, the plants that the bees are pollinating are eaten by animals and those animals are also food of predators and so on. Without bees, many animals would just die as the plants that are used to feed them would not reproduce and would simply vanish.

I hope we won’t see a bee apocalypse because the bees are starting to die. In UK alone a number of bumblebees have gone extinct because some of the flowers they used to eat from have been replaced by the crops.

It seems that the bees are also affected by climate change and, of course, by pesticides. Pesticides would render the bees unable to know what to do when they get to a plant they’d usually pollinate. And also they would die.

So, we need to make sure we don’t kill our bees, people!

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