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The best tips to optimize your WiFi

No WiFi, no internet connectivity in some places. Except when you have a wire, but that is not ideal. WiFi allows you to move with your laptop around and having quite good download rates.

So, here are the best tips that Tech Quickie has for us:
– position your router in the best place so that you have the best coverage area (since the WiFi network transmits in a spherical shape you need to put its center- the router – in a place that reaches your entire house)
– put it in a place with no obstructions, if possible (not on the floor or near a thick wall)
– avoid putting it near stones, metal, concrete
– check for firmware updates
– use WiFi Analyzer to check the strength of the signal
– on the 2.4 GHz band you need to use one of the channels 1,6,11 – pick the open one
– buy a better antenna ( omnidirectional, to make the coverage area bigger, or directional one to keep the signal strong on a given direct path )
– get a repeater
– upgrade to 802.11 AC to get a 500 Mbit throughput or dual band N

Via LifeHacker.

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