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SciShow: HeartBleed and Tamiflu show us how vulnerable are we

HeartBleed is a code programming bug. That means that the way Heartbeat was coded resulted in the server sending too much data in those packets back to the user. That data was not encrypted and a hacker could save it.

Heartbeat a way to optimize SSL connections by sending little packets of data to show that the connection is still alive, not by reinitiating the whole connection process. That code bug has been already saved, but you should change your password in your social networks as soon as possible. So, Heartbleed is NOT a virus, it is a code error.

The flu is generated by a virus and it is hard to find a complete cure to it. This is why you need a new vaccine each year for the common cold that becomes flu. Since having such vaccines is expensive the governments use some other type of medication like Tamiflu, that has the purpose to slow down the virus growth in your body.

It seems that Tamiflu does not work as expected. Check the video from above for more info.

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