LOL, games journalists hate gamers?

Good to know that Matt spoke about this situation. Game journalists hating gamers is like bike reviewers hating the bikers and so on. What do those games have to do with hating? And, of course, why are gamers the target of such attacks?

I do not agree with Matt’s premise that if you tell a guy that he is bad, like the bloody feminists are saying about “sexist” games, then that guy will become bad. It all depends on what you’re made of, if you’re congruent with your self and so on. So, no matter how much the so called feminists are saying that gamers are bad people, the gamers will do what they have always done: play those freaking games. That is all that counts.

I mean, it doesn’t matter is the feminists are calling gamers sexist and what not, you know a thing: they don’t like it, then they shouldn’t play it or watch it or whatever.

As for the games journalists, if they have never played any game, then they should do something else. Games are art, entertainment, fun, a way to spend great time, so shut up.

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