TPP, a SOPA like treaty is being signed by Obama right now: Goodbye, net neutrality

Tim Wu, the author of The Master Switch: The Rise and Fall of Information Empires (Vintage) (afill link), wrote for the New Yorker that in 2007 Obama swore to him that he will protect net neutrality, but yesterday it seems that << Obama’s chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Thomas Wheeler, has proposed a new rule that is an explicit and blatant violation of this promise. In fact, it permits and encourages exactly what Obama warned against: broadband carriers acting as gatekeepers and charging Web sites a payola payment to reach customers through a “fast lane.”>>

That means that they, the ISPs and the authorities, will let the ISPs become the guardians of the web and then discriminate as they wish, by limiting the speed of access to some sites and accelerating the speed of others. No equality, only bullshit from the ISPs.

If the web is not on a plain level, with equal access to data on what device you want, wherever you are and whatever site you’re looking at, then the internet and web as we know them are lost.

Just as Leo Laporte, from Security Now says: “A bit is a bit, no matter if it comes from a text file or a video”. He is damn right and the ISPs and Obama should not behave like the internet, on its whole, is theirs. The internet is ours. We are, as Rebecca MacKinnon says în her book called Consent of the Networked: The Worldwide Struggle For Internet Freedom (afill link), “netizens”, not mere users, but people who are living a digital life also, and we demand ISPs to respect us as good paying citizens.

So, stop de bullshit, stop the secrecy. Spread the word and make Obama be a good internet guy again.

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