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10 species that may go extinct in the next 10 years

This top 10 depresses me. While I will always put humans before anything else, i can’t stop but wonder at what destruction we have done to entire animal species.

Did they had to die or go extinct? No, but we obviously don’t care as much. We need to be more aware of the changes we do in the world and also do another thing: do not ever buy animal parts, like horns, if you see that they are from an endangered animal.

Some of these animals went extinct not because we needed to feed on them, but because we wanted their hides or teeth. So, here are the 10 animals that might go extinct in the next 10 years:
– Ploughshare Tortoise
– Iberian Lynx
– Sumatran Rhino
– Greater Bamboo Lemur
– Sumatran Tiger
– Amur Leopard
– Hula Painted Frog
– Axolotl
– Yangtze Giant Softshell Turtle
– Baiji Dolphin

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