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SEO: how can you check if a domain has been burned?

Matt Cutts, from Google’s Webspam team, explains what to do when you want to buy a brand new domain name. It is a known fact that if a domain has been burned from Google’s index due to spam or hacking, then if you buy that domain you won’t be able to rank.

Few of my readers know that I’m interested in SEO, but I am because of my involvement in Reeija, a Romanian online shop that sells handbags. I know, i have a lot of things on my plate.

So, what should you do if you want to buy a new domain name? Do these:
1. do a search for the domain, like :
a. – if they have content on that domain, then this is an issue = this is for when you want to buy a domain from someone
b. do a search for the domain name. example search for “hoopashoes” if the domain you want to buy is
2. check the domain name in the Internet Archive and see if it was spammy
3. if you buy from somebody ask for Google Webmasters Tools access
4. if no info can be found, try to do a reconsideration request and disavow all the links to it

Have fun buying a new domain name.

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