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Plants that kill your pets. Just great!

DNews shows us that some plants can kill out pets and it is especially worrying for me because I send flowers to my girlfriend and she has a cat that’s more vegan than me: she eats those flowers. Well, not all of them, but parts of those flowers and i’ll better make sure I won;t send in flowers that kill the cat.

Trace Dominguez, from DNews, tells us that some plants are harmful for the pets and what’s the effect on those pets.

Harmful plants are:
– lily (Easter Lilies or November Lilies and many other types of lilies) – plant and polen is toxic to cats and dogs are affected too
– grapes will kill your dog
– black wallnuts, the mold on them is dangerous to dogs
– daffydills
– and many more

See also Plants dangerous to cats and Plants dangerous to dogs. Check more info on DNEWS.

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