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Why do I keep blogging on

Just because. keeps my English engines running, keeps me in check with science and geekiness, pays the hosting bills (check the ads on the blog) and allows me to reach quite a different market than the Romanian one, which is of less than 9 million people.

English speaking people on the web are billions, but there are also millions of blogs out there, so it’s not easier to blog in English than in Romanian. Maybe I’ll do a reach study sometimes, but not now.

I can’t really say that TGT – – is really a blog, a website where some dude shows off his opinion about stuff. I post here merely news in geek/science world just to keep the blog running and from time to time i hop in with some opinion. I’ll have to change that. I’m not blogging since 2010 just to be a news proxy or some sort of ad anchor. This blog should do more than just pay the bills for the other sites I use on the server so….

So, yeah.

Things might be interesting and posting here what i think about stuff is a must have. I DO have some things to say about a couple of topics: ecommerce, tech support, SEO, WordPress, war in Ukraine (Romania is right next to Ukraine, o the western border), internet and maybe some video game and pc reviews. Guess I was just lazy until recently.

Posting 2-3 posts a day with the coolest stuff i see simply ain’t working. I feel that it is not enough so I’ll mix things up: 2-3 news like now and some random post about things that I’d like to talk about. Surely there will be someone to read what i say so… welcome 😀

Keep you posted. I’m only one step away form becoming well known blogger in Europe and beyond 😀

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