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The 7 ways hackers can mess up the World

Hackers are great guys. Most of them are white hat hackers, meaning when they see an issue, they report it and then help everyone get secured against any breach they see. And there are the black hat hackers, the guys who use hacking knowledge for fun, to be recognized as a big guy, to grab some money and power.

Here are the ways in which the black hat hackers can mess up the World (thanks Buzzfeed):
– they can affect traffic lights
– they can gain control of nuclear power plants
– using baby monitors to spy on what people are saying
– webcams can he hacked into too
– satellites can be used to track people around
– ATMs can be programmed to spit out much more money than expected
– pacemakers can also be hacked into

The major issue with baby monitors, pacemakers and satellites is that they only require a password and no secure connection. Auch.

Check the video on YouTube and the description too for sources.

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