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11 facts you didn’t knew about big brands

Shockingly, Buzzfeed used a shocking title like 11 Shocking Facts About The World’s Biggest Brands to tell us things that aren’t so shocking after all.

Enough with the satire. Here are some of those 11 facts you didn’t knew about big brands:
– Google was originally called Backrub
– Dasani is purified tap water
– the Coca Cola logo can be recognized by 94% of Worlds population
– McDonald’s first menu was a hot-dog
– everything you say to Siri goes through Apple’s servers and it is stored there (forget NSA, those are little chumps compared to big companies)
– iPAD’s retina display is made by Samsung
– Starbucks created round tables so that you won’t feel lonely when you’re sitting alone at the table
– Wallmart has $1.8 million profit per hour
– Facebook is blue because Zuckerberg is red/green colorblind
– 1 in 10 Europeans was conceived in an Ikea bed.

Say what you want, but i bet that you’d want to build such a big brand yourself and be known in the entire World. I know i want this 😀

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