What did you knew about blood donation? It saves over 4.5 million people every year

From the video created by BuzzFeed you may learn some curious new things, like the fact that blood actually costs $220 per unit in LA and only $150 in Les Moines. Or that is you are a gay man you’re not allowed to donate blood.

Another interesting fact: James Harrison, a man with a rare antibody in his blood, has donated 1000 times and saved more than two million baby lives. Blood donations also save 4.5 million lives every year.

In Romania, if you donate blood, you receive a one day vacation and a gift card that costs about $20. Many donate because it makes them feel good, not because of the money. You can’t donate more than one time in a month.

And, if you go and donate blood, which I strongly recommend, as your blood can save lives, don’t do like i did: I was in a hurry and in that hurry i wanted to get that blood out of me faster and so i opened and closed my hand rapidly, not slowly as the nurses instructed me, and got the blood out quick. But, boy, i never knew that i was in for a great hurtin’ . I felt that i was gonna die in there, i fainted and almost all the day I was livid and felt like the life was simply draining from me.

So, if you donate, do it responsibly and keep the blood clean (of tobacco, alcohol and the usual stuff ) 😀

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