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Things that make you go “Huh?”. 10 things about your body

AllTime10 is again on the run with 10 things you didn’t knew about your body. while you’re aware of some of the things that science tells you about your body, well, you’re gonna be in it for a surprise: did you knew that you emit light?

Yep, humans send out light signals due to the metabolic processes that take part in our bodies. that light is actually 1000 times dimmer than what we can detect with out naked eyes.

Also, the acid from our stomach does not eat us because of the inner stomach cells that are mucus like and also generate bicarbonate a chemical base that when it reacts with hydrogen chloride gives out water and salt. Those cells actually generate faster than the acid is able to eat them.

In any case, we are a sort of autophages as we eat some of our cells.

Did you also knew that the appendix is not useless? It contains good bacteria that will fill the intestines if you have diarrhea and expel good bacteria along with the poop. Also, your hair could support a 2 ton car. Woot.

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