Cosplay, short for costume play, a part of pop-culture

Cosplay is short for costume play and it is regarded as a way to freely express one self through very well crafted costumes. Cosplay would allow the geeks to unite with the hero embodied in the costume and also gather some praises from friends and fans alike.

This movement, be it a Halloween-like or costume ball-like activity, is a part of the life of many geeks from around the world, but especially from USA. You got a dozen conventions in USA where cosplayers meet and show off their costumes. And some of them are pretty nice ones, you got to admit.

PBS made the short documentary from above and helped me understand its role in modern pop-culture. Cosplay is not a way to simply show-off, it is a regular event, a way in which fans re-unite and praise their heroes. While I would not see any big differences between cosplay and, say, religion I must admit that i’d like to hang you with cosplayers than in some religious activity.

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