NASA will trap asteroids and harvest them in the future. YAY!

One thing about being a US citizen, which i’m not btw, is that you have NASA literally in your back yard. And that you can be freaking proud of the wonders they did over the years, even with the drastic budget cuts they’ve seen in past few years.

NASA hopes, and so do I, an Easter -European nobody 😀 So, NASA is willing to launch a space drone to the asteroid belt, grab an asteroid and then send it into lunar orbit. From there the astronauts will land on the asteroid, make some research and then ask companies to harvest it. At that point, maybe in about 15-20 years we will be a truly space faring species.

Asteroid have a ton of iron, nickel, water and other elements. They can provide almost infinitely many tons of raw material for our industries to survive. There is a chance for us to even build space cities.

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