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Thunderf00t: the art of professional victimhood #cancelcolbert

I like this guy. He says the things as they are and, as opposed to the video above, he’s not only dealing with feminists that don’t have any real achievement in their life, he also fights pseudo-science (remember Thorium car) and creates scientific videos from which we can learn a ton of new info.

Yup, he’s the guy you’d want to be.

Getting back to professional victimhood, you can’t miss out on some really good stuff, like the fact that some women get slapped because they protect them selves by throwing accusations of sexism when faced with criticism due to their ill logic.

Feminism is a bitch IF you use it as a shield for your poor reasoning and all you do is whine and point fingers at men : men have greater income because they are mean to women, not because women, at a certain age, CHOOSE to stay at home with kids and thus lose some privileges along with this decision. Too hard to explain that to some women who claim they are feminists.

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