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The best thing about outsourcing is…

.. that you can fire that sucker whenever you want and that you can complain that those “guys from the third world countries” are not dependable, all while you are using them to do your job.

Props to that.

I thought I’d just leave it like that, but no.

Dojo wrote about why she wants some companies that use outsourcing to fail miserably in her blog post (Romanian). See Google translated version here – proper title : Outsourcing or why I want some companies to go bankrupt.

Basically, US companies use Asian or European freelancers/companies to do their job and then some of these US companies complain about the poor quality of the outsourcees. Then continue hiring these guys, because, well, why not? They’re cheaper. Way cheaper.

It’s a known fact that Indians, Pakistans or Phillipinos don’t really do much work for the bucks they’re paid, but hey, you, a company that uses outsourcing, is paying them shitty salaries and, in return, don’t really ask for high quality jobs. Really.

If you were to ask me, US workers really do their jobs, although they won’t work on cheap. Even a tech support guy in some random company will ask for at least $1500/month so that can be pricey, but you get a guy that does his job.

And thus companies use outsourcing, although some will never openly admit it. When you see that the support team you’re used to gets crowded with foreigners you know that the company is cutting down on costs. If they’ll continue on this road and will not actively ensure that the outsourcees do their job, no matter how poorly they are paid, they[the company] will prepare a recipe for disaster.

Who cares? The money are rolling, customers are complaining, companies can fire those suckers whenever they want and then they can complain all over the place about the poor job those guys are doing. Of course, companies won’t really act too much in the direction of maintaining a high standard of work. Why? They know they pay shitty salaries and those freelancers know that too.

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