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Google and Ray-Ban to Offer More Wearable Tech

Nowadays, wearable tech is all the hype for people trying to keep up with the tech scene. One of the pioneers of this trend is Google Glass by Google the tech giant. Recent news revealed that Google is partnering with the designer team behind Ray-Ban to come up with more wearable Google glasses. The partnership will provide more avant-garde designs that make Google Glass more publically accessible and not just exclusively for tech-savvy people. Google put their hopes in this partnership to become a leader in the smart eyewear market.

Google Glass is more than just a pair of geeky glasses – it includes a thumbnail-sized screen located at the wearer’s right eye, which is used to view content from the internet. It is also equipped with a camera that enables the user to take hands-free photos and videos. Wearing the Glass enables the user to call, chat, email and even find his way around, thanks to Google Places.

Partnering with the eyewear’s designer Luxottica could give birth to a new breed of designer glasses, as the new model will combine high-end technology and avant-garde designs. This partnership enables Google to use the 5,000 stores of Luxottica to help sell the Glass.

 Despite the initial development stages of Google Glass, some people are still skeptical about it, especially with the product’s staggering price. Certain people believe that more people would bite into it if the company lowered the price of it. At the moment, the product is priced at $1,500 and only about 10,000 people have bought them.

 Google Glass is not the first wearable tech product produced by Google. In January, it announced the release of the Titanium collection, which is a prescription glass and sunglasses version of the original model. But no matter how fancy or useful the collections are, Google really needs to make the prices more wallet-friendly in order to appeal to the general public.


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