on the web – gift cards, yay or nay? What to Do With Unwanted Gift Cards? [S]

Search your wallets, purse, dresser drawer or even your junk drawer, and you are likely to find all kinds of unused or partially used gift cards.


According to CEB TowerGroup forecast, approximately 85 percent of the population exchanged gifts cards in the year of 2012 in the United States. From about $3 billion of them loaded with gift cards, the group says that just about $1.7 billion was “spillage” – a term used to describe the amount of money left on the gift card that never gets spent, be it not fully redeemed or only partially redeemed. Here are a number of ways to get the most value out of the gift cards that have never been used or partially used.


Sell your gift cards online

In order to solve this problem, startup company has created an online database where consumers can manage all their gift cards, loyalty programs, membership programs and mileage programs in one place. Originally the website was only targeted for the Singapore market, but the founders were aware of the global demand and expanded it to the international community. Other than creating a virtual wallet by managing all the benefits and viewing the total financial value, users can also redeem, sell and exchange their gift cards, points and miles on this platform. For example, users can exchange the value of their Starbucks gift card and transform them into Asia Miles points.


Exchange your gift cards online

Since you can exchange gift cards on this platform, why not treat yourself to a discount price on a cool video game or geeky gadget? At the moment Giift includes brands such as Steam, Best Buy and Abt Electronics, which provide a wide selection of merchandise ideal for all kinds of geek enthusiasts out there.


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