You could survive up to 1 minute in space. Then you’d die for good!

Space is not a place to go when you want to take a walk. Fraser Cain, from Universe Today, explains that it is in your best insterest to NOT go in the vacuum of space without a suit, because you will die.

You will not pop, like the movies are telling you it will happen, and your blood will not boil. Instead the vacuum of space will pull out all the air from your lungs and in about 15 seconds you will faint. After another one minute you will be completely dead.

Interestingly enough, i thought that you would freeze instantly and then it had been reminded to me that there is no matter where your heat should go into the void of space. Usually when you are surrounded by cold air you will lose heat to that air because of conduction – direct contact with that air.

In space you will lose heat via radiation. Your heat is sent out into the space through what is known radiant energy. bit by bit you will lose heat via electromagnetic waves each one of us is emitting (even seen a human with an IR detector?) and eventually die. I do not know after how much time will you become an ice-man, but Fraser says that you got 1 minute to be saved.

Read more on Scientific American. Also read how would someone die in space. Calculus here.

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